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About SRL International

Supporting the health of people across the world through clinical testing.

Naoyoshi Kubota

President & CEO

Naoyoshi Kubota

As SRL reaches 50 years of providing the highest quality clinical laboratory testing and services, SRL International was established to continue the years of working with local partners across Asia and contribute to the development of borderless healthcare.
Our core belief is that each and every sample is the life of a patient.
We at SRL International vow to consistently take on new challenges, and work together with people from around the world to create new value.

Message from the President

Company Overview

Corporate name/ SRL International, Inc.
Foundation/ June 1, 2018
Headquarters/ 10F Shinjuku Mitsui Building, 2-1-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0408
President and Chief Executive Officer/ Naoyoshi Kubota
Director/ Shigeru Tsurumaki
Director/ Naoki Kitamura
Director/ Shunichi Higashi
Business Activities/ Operating overseas laboratories, international clinical laboratory testing
Parent Company/ SRL, Inc.

Our History

SRL has a long history of testing samples from across the world. As the demand increased, the need to hasten global business development arose which led to the establishment of SRL International in 2018. SRL International currently focuses on creating new business opportunities in the Asian market.

SRL, Inc. established
Established the Central Laboratory at Hachioji, Tokyo
Established the Genetic Testing Laboratory within the Hachioji Laboratory complex (First in Japan)
Integrated business with Fujirebio Inc. and established Miraca Holdings, Inc.
Established the international business department within SRL
Processing samples from Korea, China and India
Began preparation for viable international business

Established SRL International, Inc.
Began processing samples from Thailand, in addition to Korea, China and India

Established Ping An SRL Medical Laboratories  (Joint venture)
Built laboratories in Guangzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, and Hangzhou, consulting and support for business operations
Miraca Holdings changed its name to H.U. Group Holdings

The Future

We are aiming to become Asia's leading clinical testing company
and contribute to the development of healthcare the world over.

SRL is currently constructing a new central laboratory, to uphold the highest standards in quality and provide diverse value-added services. The new central lab, the largest in Japan, will increase capacity to 300,000 samples per day by incorporating automation along the process and reporting line. It is scheduled to open for operation from early 2022, and will accept samples from across the world. SRL International will pursue overseas business opportunities and develop international business lines to SRL and its group companies.


We strive to bring new value to healthcare, and contribute to the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

Providing aid to Wuhan, China amid COVID-19 pandemic Providing aid to Wuhan, China amid COVID-19 pandemic
Providing aid to Wuhan, China amid COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak was thought to have originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, causing a severe shortage of necessary medical supplies. Utilizing the strong distribution network build by SRL International, H.U. Group Holdings (previously Miraca Holdings) and group companies were able to donate key medical items.

Sanson Project

SRL International believes that by providing quality clinical testing services overseas, we are also contributing to supporting the health of the local people. With our local partners in China, we provided health check-ups to people living in rural areas without adequate medical facilities.

Sanson Project Sanson Project


SRL International Headquarters

SRL International Headquarters

Headquarters 10F Shinjuku Mitsui Building, 2-1-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan. 163-0408
Access JR, Odakyu, and Keio Line: 6-minute walk from Shinjuku Station
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line: 2-minute walk from Nishi Shinjuku Station
Toei Subway Oedo Line: 1-minute walk from Tochomae Station
Toei Subway Shinjuku Line: 11-minute walk from Shinjuku Station

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