Our Business

Our business

Currently focusing efforts on the Asian market, SRL International has two key lines of business for those seeking superior quality in clinical laboratory testing. Services include outsourcing samples to Japan, consulting, building, management and operation of clinical testing laboratories and training programs. The team of highly-trained specialists at SRL International can provide the support you need to establish and develop your business.

Clinical Laboratory Testing


As a subsidiary of SRL, we want bring the state-of-the-art technology and highest quality testing services to the rest of the world. Utilizing SRL's world-renowned testing platform, which boasts a lineup of over 4000 items and processes more than 100,000 samples per day, we strive to offer new possibilities and solutions to medical institutes outside of Japan. SRL International can meet the unique needs of each customer, and improve on existing services by offering tests not conducted locally, reducing TAT and increasing the overall testing quality. We have a strong track-record for processing samples from overseas and are able to offer full support, from collation, through sample transportation, to the use of cloud-based ordering systems.

Business Flow

Collected samples are processed, packaged, and sent to Japan under the appropriate conditions Results are reported back in real -time using a specialised ordering system

Business Flow
Business Flow

Laboratory A, Asia

We began outsourcing certain tests to SRL when we began to expand our existing clinical testing business. We had previously sent samples to both neighboring countries and domestic research institutes. However, outsourcing to SRL we could reduce the TAT for specialized tests from a month to a week and cut costs.

Overseas Business


From consulting to operating, a variety of clinical laboratory testing support services to meet your needs

SRL International provides comprehensive consulting related to clinical testing, meeting the unique needs of each client and meeting the regulations of each country. Contact us for more information on business model creation, strategy planning, laboratory construction, staff training, and improving efficiency and quality of testing services.

Entering the Chinese Market

SRL International stablished a joint venture with a major Chinese insurance company, leveraging the skills, technology and experience that SRL has cultivated in the Japanese market with the joint venture group’s network, assets and sales capabilities in China. The partnership is pioneering medical care in China by providing the highest quality clinical testing services.

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